Many people decide upon choosing the AR-15 system as their primary platform mainly in favor of the practically endless possibilities of ‘customization’. My ‘eM’ is constantly modified in order to optimize its performance and service. Recently I focused on enabling the M4 to be comfortably operated by both right and left-handed marksmen.

Along comes a useful little gadget originally manufactured by the American company Rainer Arms: the ‘Raptor’ ambidextrous charging handle. The airsoft copy of device is available at the Asian online shop *Airsoftpeak for around $10. Unfortunately the replica doesn’t boast the original manufacturer’s markings. It is however entirely made from anodized aluminum and colored black or tan.

This schematic below displays the handle’s performance:

As we can see – releasing the small latch allows us to access the ejection port and the hop-up chamber, regardless of the hand used. In combination with additional accessories i.e. the double-sided safety selector lever or mag release button we are able to fully operate the rifle even if we switched hands to manipulate it while firing from behind cover. Similar handles [some even bearing the original manufacturer’s markings] are also available for GBB replicas.


+ low price and shipment
+ quality crafting
+ functional

 absolutely no markings
 no additional parts provided with the kit [spring, bolts, ejection port release latch – not included].




Material: Aluminum

Weight: 88g

Length: 12.2 cm

Fits most electric M4-type airsoft rifles

* Airsoftpeak often offers free international shipment services even in the case of small parcels.

Translated by /Siemion/