All photographers own at least one camera strap that they can go for, depending on the circumstances and needs. Since we take photos from time to time, we also have a few of such leashes, and recently, we got a brand new, very cool, tactical strap in Multicam, courtesy of young Polish brand – DBR Custom Gear

When we start our adventure with photography, we are primarily interested in equipment. It’s only with time that we begin to pay bigger attention to accessories, and a standard kit is no longer enough. The more camera bodies and lenses we have, especially heavier ones, the more weight we feel and the more interested we become in comfort and functionality of what we use to carry our gear. And if you (just as we do) take shots in the great outdoors or while running after airsoft enthusiasts, why not being tacticool at the same time? 😉 The product from DBR meets all the mentioned criteria.

CCS features two main elements: a wide and soft neck padding made of cordura and load-bearing polyamide straps on its both sides.

The straps have been equipped with ITW Nexus buckles – a classic SR for quick release and a Superlock for heavier loads. Both allow for length adjustment, and both have special Velcros® to roll up the excessive amount of tape.

Furthermore, they are finished with paracord loops used for attaching the strap. As standard, the loops are sewn in. However, when placing the order, you can always choose the strap with replaceable loops.

CCS is a typical neck strap, with the camera hanging on your chest. However, if need be, you can adjust the length of the straps and let your gear hang comfortably at your side.

Crafted from soft materials, the wide cordura padding leaves your neck comfortable even after a long day of shooting and carrying a heavy full-frame camera with a large lens. We’ve taken part in several skirmishes trying to shoot airsofters, and the difference between standard kits without the soft padding and tested CCS is noticeable. More importantly, the attachment feels secure and it doesn’t require constant adjusting.

The applied ITW Nexus buckle allows for quick release without the necessity of taking it off over the head, which is particularly useful when we’re wearing a hoodie, layers of clothes, e.g. in winter, or a couple of straps at the same time.

Paracord loops are a clever solution as they are not only durable but also universal, hence they fit most camera body types available on the market. Furthermore, they make the strap attachment quick and easy.

CCS also works well with binoculars, video cameras and other gadgets.

What is, once again, most impressive in the case of the product by DBR, is its quality and attention to details. There are no threads sticking out, seams are solid, and in terms of craftsmanship, DBR Custom Gear is aesthetic perfection. Worth noting is also the fact that the straps are available in variety of colors and camouflages. Moreover, on request, DBR is ready to change the design and customize its products adjusting them to the client’s needs. 

To sum up, Gear Addicts can only recommend this really nice piece of photogear, which stands for quality, functionality, comfort and… tacticool fashion! All in one!

+ quick and easy strap attachement,
+ soft padding,
+ ITW quick release buckle,
+ high quality.

– none.

  • Material: Cordura® 500D, polyamide straps, foam padding 5 mm.
  • Available color patterns: many (full list here).
  • Measurements:
    – length from 56cm (min.) to 109cm (max.)
    – padding: 5x40x0,6cm .
  • Weight: approx. 60 g .
  • Price: from PLN95 to PLN105 (PLN100 for MultiCam®).

Products by DBR Custom Gear can be ordered directly via producer’s site