While looking for a relatively small backpack that would meet my needs during both outdoor trips and urban explorations, I came across a simple and solid model made by Tasmanian Tiger.

This brand isn’t new to me. I even owned this particular backpack model, but in the Olive color scheme. However, when Tasmanian Tiger launched some of their products in PenCott GreenZone camouflage, I yielded to the temptation. And so, I once again got my hands onto a small, six-litre Essential Pack.


The Essential Pack is an example of a compact, single-compartment construction, made entirely of Cordura® 700D fabric in PenCott GreenZone camouflage. The front and side areas of the model are equipped with MOLLE system in the same pattern.  Next to the Molle straps, the front panel features a Velcro loop side and an embroidered brand logo.

TT_PC_GZDSC_8761Two compression straps with buckles by ITW Nexus can be found around the perimeter of the pack, in its upper and lower parts.

DSC_8084The back and shoulder straps have been lined with soft mesh. Due to its small size, the model doesn’t have a padded hip belt for stabilizing the load. There is only a height adjustable chest belt with a signal whistle.

DSC_8193DSC_8785DSC_8786DSC_8194DSC_8758There are also some extra D-rings in the upper and lower part of the back that could be used e.g. to fasten the pack to a tactical vest or to buckle some additional straps onto it, but I haven’t tested this solution yet.

DSC_8749Furthermore, D-rings along with stretch utility straps have also been sewn on the external part of the shoulder pads. They allow for the attachment of additional gear, or for interweaving e.g. a hydration system hose or wires for a portable radio transmitter and receiver, which then can be pushed through the hole in the upper part of the pack.

DSC_8754DSC_8767DSC_8748The backpack comes with a nylon hand loop on the top. Unfortunately, the manufacturer hasn’t used the PC GZ camouflage there.

DSC_8771A sizable drain hole at the bottom of the pack has been finished with a black metal eyelet.

DSC_8764The backpack can be opened halfway with the YKK two-way close-ended zipper. Pieces of paracord attached to the pullers facilitate easier opening and closing when wearing gloves.

DSC_8759 DSC_8775Inside, there is an additional compartment finished with a stretch utility strap. This compartment can be even used to store a 3-liter hydration system. What is more, it is big enough to fit a 13.3” laptop computer.

DSC_8779A hydration bladder is secured with a sewn-in Velcro strap. Above it, there is a loop made of strong cord that may serve to attach e.g. a key leash or a carabiner.


First of all, I would like to say that this backpack meets all my expectations. As I already mentioned, I have used this model before, but in a different color, so I knew exactly what to expect from this product. The pack has been with me during numerous outdoor trips, both shorter and longer ones. I also use it for some outings in the city.

DSC_8660The construction is small and simple – there is nothing to get damaged 🙂. Almost entirely covered with MOLLE webbing, it offers a wide range of possibilities to increase its carrying capacity, as seen in some photos that show e.g. pockets by Tasmanian Tiger (soon to be reviewed on our site).

DSC_8607The Essential Pack is perfect for all-day trips to the woods as well as airsoft skirmishes (for carrying water, airsoft/paintball compressed air tanks, and other necessary gear), or as an everyday backpack to take along to the city (its size makes it work even when using public transport J).

DSC_7975 (1)It is a high quality product made of high quality materials, with great attention to details, including the stitching. There are no threads sticking out, or ripped seams, and all this because of German quality control (despite the fact that the backpack was made in Vietnam).



+ quality,
+ MOLLE webbing in camouflage,
+ possibility to increase carrying capacity.


  • Fabric (PenCott GreenZone version): Cordura 700D
  • Available colours / camouflage schemes: PenCott Greenzone, MultiCam, Flecktarn, Olive, Khaki
  • Weight: approx. 480 g
  • Price: approx. 80 € (in PC GZ camouflage version)

Tasmanian Tiger products may be ordered directly from the producer at www.sklep.tasmaniantiger.pl.

Translated by /Miss Shroom/