Keeping up with the issue of advanced tactical outfits we have decided to try out a new proposal coming from the innovative brand UF PRO – the Striker XT Camo Combat Pants in Pencott Greenzone camouflage.

Combat uniforms are constantly being developed. More and more smaller companies emerge seeking innovative solutions to replace the old, cumbersome designs. This looks quite similar with the Slovenian brand UF PRO (UNI&FORMA) which places functionality and ergonomics at the forefront of their Striker XT combat clothing line. The Striker XT Combat Pants are a great example of the designers’ creativity.


I knew more-or-less what to expect from the product as I already have a pair of Striker pants (the previous model without the XT extension). The amount of applied solutions is absolutely massive – just check out the picture below to get an idea of the designer’s ingenuity:


The trousers are made of highest-quality fabrics. The base material is 50/50 NyCo Ripstop (a mixture of nylon and cotton) supplemented with elastic and breathable inserts made from Schoeller®-dynamic stretch as well as Cordura® reinforcements in the knee sections. The pants have YKK-brand zippers with cords weaved through the openings for easier access when wearing gloves. All stiches have been thoroughly and aesthetically sewn in.


The trousers have a high-fit profile – even when bending over, they don’t allow a tucked in shirt to get loose. Thanks to their ‘hybrid’ construction and use of elastic fabrics, the pants don’t tighten during dynamic movements. Elements made from stretch have been applied in the crotch region, as well as the back, thighs and shins. This material also increases the overall breathability of the product.

Striker_XT_stretch_groin Striker_XT_kneeStriker_XT_ass

The pockets have a low-profile design. The cargo pockets located both on the thighs and buttocks have been constructed using tabs of fabric, so the pockets don’t stick out when they’re not packed. Additionally, they have been fitted with zippers that and surrounded by welts – in order to protect them from dirt and sand.


Furthermore, the cargo pockets on the thighs feature two zippers – one zipper is located at the pocket’s top and a second one is located at its side – this is a really convenient solution that comes in handy when you’re in a crouching or sitting position.

Striker_XT_pocket_top Striker_XT_pocket_bok

Each of the upper pockets has two smaller pockets inside that allow stabilising various items (one pocket holds a STANAG –type magazine, the second one i.e. holds a pistol clip).


From the outer side there is an additional smaller exterior pocket closed with small stiff tab – big enough for storing a small flashlight.

Striker_XT_pocket_patka Striker_XT_pocket_patka_3

The pockets featured at the pants’ upper regions are classic-style ‘inserts’ – however, they have been upgraded by sewing in additional, hidden pockets accessed through zippers. They’re great for packing a mobile phone, documents or other stuff you don’t want to lose.


At the thigh level we find two more smaller pockets for storing a folding knife or multi-tool.


The last remaining pockets are located in the lower shin section – they’re flat and quite simple. It’s worth mentioning that all exterior pockets feature drainage holes their undersides.

Striker_XT_pocket_lydka Striker_XT_pocket_dren

The Striker XT pants have been equipped with a hybrid kneepad system. It consists of three elements:
• a sewn-on Cordura® insert in Greenzone camouflage,
internal Solid-Pad inserts made from polyurethane,
 internal soft inserts – Flex-Sas-Tec Pad inserts made from polyurethane foam or D30, a polymer-based shock-absorbing substance.


The internal inserts are placed inside special pockets. They can be worn together or separately – depending on the terrain you’re crossing, etc.

Striker_XT_hard_knepads Striker_XT_d30_knepads Striker_XT_foam_knepads Striker_XT_inter_knepads

At the waist area we find yet another interesting solution – the pants possess a double-fastening system consisting of a hook and nap. After unbuttoning the nap the trousers are still fastened with the hook, allowing easier access to the front fly.


The fly is accessed through a two-way zipper meaning it can be unzipped from its bottom. This is really a relief when you don’t have to unbuckle tons of gear when you just want to go for a quick piss 😉


The trousers have elastic inserts on either side of the belt section. On the pants interior side, under a flap of material there is a hidden zipper for attaching a WINDSTOPPER® lining layer – for protection against wind and low temperatures.

Striker_XT_guma_w_pasie Striker_XT_suwak_inter

The belt section also features double belt-loops. The outer loops are fastened with naps, allowing us to attach an additional belt or to stabilize a waist-bag. The inner loops are standard sewn-in, however both loop types are able to hold a belt with a maximum width of 50 mm.


Finishing off with the pants’ description I think it’s also worth mentioning about the width-adjustable lower leg area. The zippers on the pants legs allow for their easier sliding onto a high upper boot and the elastic cord enables easy regulation.



I bought the trousers more than six months ago and used them extensively during many outdoor situations. The Striker XT Combat Pants are one of the most comfortable combat pants I have ever come across. The elastic inserts allow limitless movement and boost the pants inner air circulation.


The hybrid kneepad system works quite well with the flexible pad inserts sitting firmly at the knee joint. The producer offers a wide range of sizes so no-body should have a problem with finding a suitable fit. I often wore the two types of inserts alternately – the solid and soft ones simultaneously during shooting practice, and just the soft ones when trekking or camping. Thanks to the fact that there is a large patch of anti-abrasive Cordura® sewn onto the kneepad section you also free not to use any inserts at all.


When it comes to durability I recommend hand washing (as seldom as possible) in low temperatures using small amounts of detergent – because of my experience with the previous pants’ model I know that the NyCo fabric, particularly in this camouflage pattern (Pencott Greenzone), has a tendancy of fading colours. However, after washing the trousers in cold water I haven’t observed any difference in the quality of colour.

In summing up I have to ascertain that the Striker XT Combat Pants are a very well thought out construction that is not only functional but also manufactured with highest care and quality.



+ highest quality materials and care to detail,
+ design,
+ freedom of movement,
+ ergonomics,
+ excellent breathability.

 the price, but remember that you get what you pay for.

  • Material (Pencott™ Greenzone version): 50/50 NyCo Ripstop, Schoeller® – Dynamic (92%, Polyamide 8% Elasthan), 100% CORDURA®
  • Available colours /camouflage patterns: PenCott Greenzone, SloCam, Flecktarn
  • Weight: approx. 900 g (32/32 size, without kneepad inserts)
    – polyurethane inserts: 136 g
    – D3O inserts: 250 g
    – polyurethane foam inserts: 156 g
  • Price: approx. PLN 700 (without inserts)


UF PRO® products may be ordered directly from the producer at

Translated by /Siemion/