Durable and comfortable footwear is one of the key elements (if not the most important piece) of our equipment. Hence this time, we have decided to take a look at a self-proclaimed “MOTHER OF ALL BOOTS™”, namely MOAB 2 8″ Tactical Waterproof by Merrell Tactical.

Merrell is an American company founded in 1981. For years it has earned a good reputation and established a strong position in the tourism industry. With time, Merrel decided to expand their offer and enter the tactical footwear industry, proposing interesting solutions at reasonable prices. The described model is based on the MOAB Hiking Shoes collection.

Boots are delivered in a simple box with the producer’s logo and key information about the chosen model. MOABs come in a variety of sizes and colors, namely black, Coyote, Sage Green and Brindle. I chose Sage Green.
Characteristic of MOABs is their hybrid construction. They also provide good breathability and foot stabilization. From the outside they are made of PU-coated leather and a rip-stop nylon.

In the lower part, boots feature stability arms, whereas the upper part has been equipped with perforated spray rubber for added security and durability.

MOABs feature a solid heavy-duty side YKK zipper for easy on and off.

Under the zipper there is a piece of waterproof fabric that keeps out moisture and dirt. Loop-and-hook strap at the top covers the zipper pull and protects from accidental unzipping.

Unfortunately, the very finishing of the upper leaves a lot to be desired (visible cushioning, ragged fabric).

Boots offer full lace-up closure. Paracord strings can be interlaced through 18 loops (12 straps and 6 loops made of plastic material).

Bellows tongue is thick, comfortable and stays in place. It has been attached to the upper on both sides (to the half of the upper height) and equipped with extra pieces of fabric to keep out debris.

Vibram® TC5+ outsole has been made of high-quality rubber. The lug depth amounts to 5mm.

The outsole overlaps both the rubber toe cap and the heel, which additionally features Merrell air cushion to absorb shock and add stability.
An original M-Select™ DRY membrane is responsible for breathability and waterproof properties of Merrell’s product.
Removable and ergonomically shaped, Kinetic Fit™ insoles feature additional EVA foam heel cushioning and provide added zonal arch support.
MOABs are intended to be worn in the spring, summer and fall.  I’ve been wearing them for the past six months, during spring and summer. I’ve tested them in and outside the city, in the woods, in the mountains and during airsoft skirmishes. Since the boots are designed to be waterproof, I have also exposed them to heavy rain and used them walking through muddy water, puddles and streams.
I must admit that MOABs did very well in the aforementioned conditions. It is evident that while designing the tactical line, Merrell made most of the experience gained from manufacturing their hiking boots.
Boots provide great waterproofness accompanied by quite decent breathability. To test MOABs signature feature, we immersed them in water (ankle high) and left them there for around half an hour. Boots passed the test remaining dry on the inside. However, when using them in the field, we have to take into consideration the fact that when soaked with water, the fabric on the outside dries quite slowly.

Vibram outsole has also proved to work nicely on different surfaces. Even when it was wet, the traction remained great. Despite the fact that MOABs are not typical hiking boots, they performed very well on mountain trails. The built-in air cushion in heel absorbs shock while arch shanks on the sides of the midsole add stability to the ankle and give flexible support while making dynamic movements (running or jumping), even when the terrain is rugged.

Paracord laces remain well tied, hence there is no need to secure them with an extra knot.

The zipper on the side makes it easier to put boots on and to take them off, without the need to tie the laces every time. This feature proves to be particularly practical and useful after hours of walking, when we quickly want to give rest to our tired feet.

Merell Tactical did a really good job with this model. MOABs 2 are not only waterproof, as the name suggests, but also very comfortable and light. Good value for money only added extra points to our positive recommendation.

+ leightweight,
+ zipper,
+ waterproofness,
+ comfort.

 finishing of the upper zipper.

  • Materials: PU coated leather, ripstop textile with M-Select™ DRY waterproof membrane, lining with breathable mesh, rubber
  • Available colors: Sage Green, Coyote, black, Brindle.
  • Membrane: M-Select™ DRY.
  • Outsole: Vibram® TC5+, 5mm lug depth, additional air cushion in heel.
  • Footbed: KINETIC FIT™ with heel cushioning.
  • Others: rated ASTM F2413-11 (electrical hazard).
  • Wight: approx. 630 g (one boot, size 43).
  • Price: around $155.


Boots by Merrell Tactical can be purchased via Specbrands.pl

Translated by /Coral/