SPARTAN is a waist pack designed for Every Day Carry. As the name suggests, this minimalist product works well even in spartan conditions.

DBR Custom Gear is a young Polish brand offering a wide range of customized, hand-made outdoor and military equipment. The company focuses primarily on quality and practicality of its products, but at the same time it listens carefully to its users, trying to meet their needs and follow their guidelines.

SPARTAN was designed to keep the lowest possible profile which allows to fit the pouch close to the body.  The pack of a cuboid shape with dimensions: 19 x 11 x 6 cm has been constructed from original Cordura® 500D in two color patterns. We went for PenCott® BadLands on the outside and contrasting orange on the inside.

Spartan features a very esthetic tag with the producer’s logo and handwritten production date.

Front panel lacks any elements that could get caught on equipment or elements of the surroundings (Velcros, straps, branches, etc.).

Back panel has been constructed from fabric in a solid color (here: Coyote). It is also here where we find producer’s logo, producer’s web address and information about the country where the product was made (Poland).

One of the side panels features two rows of PALS webbing which allows for attaching e.g. a knife, a carabiner or an extra pouch.

SPARTAN should be worn on the waist with the use of a 25mm-wide polyamide strap, fastened with a durable ITW Nexus buckle. The strap is both adjustable and removable, hence, if need be, the buckle can be located either on the left or the right side to better meet our needs. The pack is designed to be worn separately, therefore there is no system allowing for attaching the pack to other equipment.

SPARTAN is closed with a durable, two-way YKK zipper, which was sewn in upside down to prevent the inside from getting dirty and dusty (at least to some extent).  In contrast to standard, metal pullers, paracord ones are silent. Furthermore, they can be interwoven with each other to secure the zipper from unzipping accidentally.

What is characteristic of SPARTAN is its Corner Closure Design, with the zipper running along its upper and (one) side edge. There are two options available providing access to the pack from either the right (R) or left (L) side. Before purchasing, it is worth considering on which hip we are planning to wear it. Of course there is always a possibility to carry it centrally 😉

The inside of the pack features lining fabric which protects an external layer of laminate fabric from wearing out. We have decided on the lining in contrasting orange color which makes it easier to find items in the pack.

Two elastic bands divide the main compartment into parts. One of them (a two-layer band) has been additionally divided into three smaller pockets (two 6cm-wide pockets and one 5cm-wide pocket) for e.g. a multitool or a lighter. The inside also features: a durable D-ring to attach e.g. keys, accompanied by an elastic loop at the bottom to keep them in place, and two additional loops, including one that can serve as a pen holder.

It is much easier to present the above after turning the pack inside out (see photos below).

A flat, elastic pocket from the side close to the body.

An elastic pocket divided into three additional compartments and an elastic strap for e.g. a pen.

A D-ring, an elastic strap at the bottom for better stability and an extra loop on the side edge.

I have been wearing SPARTAN on my waist for the last four months.
I have taken it with me mainly for hiking trips, but also for airsoft skirmishes. However, due to its minimalist form, SPARTAN will also be great for a daily use as a quite inconspicuous EDC pack. Furthermore, its simplicity makes it easy to clean.

The size of SPARTAN is optimal for carrying most necessary items while maintaining the low profile of the pack. It easily holds, e.g.:  a multitool, a small torch, a notebook, a phone, keys and some other essentials. Elastic pockets inside facilitate organization without deforming the shape of the fully packed product, as may happen in the case of pockets constructed from non-stretch fabric.

Corner Closure Design provides easy access to the inside and at the same time it prevents the contents from accidentally falling out of the pack. However, such a solution has a certain inconvenience as when we decide to wear the pack on a different hip, the said easy access is impaired and possible only from the top. Therefore, as already mentioned, before we buy SPARTAN, it is really important to consider on which hip we are usually going to wear it. DBR is all about customization and personalization, hence we can have the product fully adjusted to our needs and comfort.

Incredible quality of DBR’s products is also worth mentioning. All seams are impeccable, almost perfect, and the materials used – fabric, thread, buckles, etc. –  are top-shelf.  All this guarantees that SPARTAN will serve us for a long time.

low profile,
+ easy to clean,
+ Corner Closure Design,
+ high quality.


  • Fabric: Cordura® 500D, polyamide straps 25 mm.
  • Available colors: wide range (full list here).
  • Dimensions: 19 x 11 x 6 cm.
  • Weight: approx. 182 g.
  • Price: from PLN220 to PLN250 (PLN240 for PenCott® BadLands).

Products by DBR Custom Gear can be ordered directly via producer’s site

Translated by /Coral/