Who doesn’t like to eat a warm meal after a long day in the wilderness? What happens though, if the terrain doesn’t allow for burning an open fire, or we run out of suitable fuel? In such situations, the MOD.04 V.3.0 survival-outdoor stove produced by the polish company Survivaltech comes to the rescue.

There are countless solutions devoted to preparing hot outdoor meals and drinks on the tourist market. The most popular types of equipment are usually designed with only one type of fuel source in mind (gas, solid and liquid fuels, etc.). The main drawback of these solutions is that after exhausting all the fuel, the stoves become essentially a useless payload being carried around. Survivaltech’s product isn’t affected by such ailments 🙂


MOD.04. V. 3.0 is the next step in the latest development of the popular outdoor stove. The stove was designed and produced in Poland by Survivaltech in collaboration with the local knife-maker Melon from MelonTools. The stove comes in a simple black nylon casing (150 mm x 120 mm x 4 mm).


Inside the casing there is a set of nine flat elements made from steel.


This set allows us to configure our stove in many ways, according to our desires. After assembly, the main block resembles a small tower. This setup is great for burning solid fuel acquired from the environment, i.e. wood, tree bark, cardboard, etc.

Ventilation openings have been cut in the lower part of the stove to allow better airflow and to generate higher temperatures during combustion.


The stove’s front panel has a large opening for adding fuel to the burning fire, such as small sticks or pieces or wood. The upper part of the stove features cuts that look like castle battlements. This improves the stability of utensils placed on top of the stove as well as heat distribution. The stove may be slightly hammered into the ground thanks to four openwork ‘legs’ on its underside that hold it firmly in place.


The stove’s top may be fitted with a small grill – made of two intersecting steel elements – that improves the frame’s stability and is helpful when heating smaller pots or mugs.


The hearth may also be raised by adding an additional steel plate to the top of the stove. This is useful when using chemical fuels such as Esbit cubes orBCB.


The same type of fuel may be used after assembling a small triangular grate.


The set inside the casing is so small and lightweight that it may be taken along every time we go to the outdoors. It easily fits into larger pockets or waist bags (i.e. like the Stronghold Group pouch on the photo).


I bought the stove ten months ago and have used it extensively. I’ve alternately burnt natural and chemical fuel sources and I have to say that both are equally good for achieving a suitable temperature for boiling water, heating meals and frying eggs. According to the manufacturer, “two small dry sticks are completely enough to get 0,5L of water boiling hot in under eight minutes”.



The opening in the stove’s front panel is large enough to ensure that maintaining the fire is easy and convenient. Small sticks or twigs may be stuck into the ember through the stove’s ‘chimney’ (after removing any cooking utensils placed on top).


We have to realize that the burning process is going to get our utensils and stove coved in black soot. I’ve also noticed after some time, that the stove is prone to light deformations caused by high temperatures and/or during transport. This is however an insignificant issue because the elements may be easily straightened with the use of our fingers.


compact size,
possibility to use many types of solid fuel sources.

– prone to deformations.

  • Material: 0,6 mm steel
  • Dimensions after disassembly (in casing): 150 mm x 120 mm x 4 mm
  • Weight (including casing): approx. 336 g
  • Price: approx. PLN 75

Recently, a new lighter version made from titanium steel has been introduced (at a higher price, of course). You can find it HERE.


Survivaltech products may be purchased directly from their website: survivalsklep.pl.

Translated by /Siemion/