Husar, the Polish producer of the innovative gear never dissapoints. This time they send me their Gen. II chest rig. The name says it all: SKIRMISH®


I received the product in a simple, signed box. Inside, next to the chest rig, I found a collection of stickers and a patch with the producer’s logo. Additionally, the reviewed set includes SKIRMISH Extension Set® (to be purchased separately).


The chest rig in question is made of straps and Cordura® fabric, both in Pencott BadLands camouflage (which works very well during dry summer or in the fall in Europe). In its basic version, SKIRMISH® Chest rig allows for carrying up to four mags (AK/AR). Its construction is entirely modular, which may seem to be too complex at first glance. However, this is just an impression, and the modularity of the chest rig provides various possibilities of configuration.


The front panel of the rig has been equipped with three rows of MOLLE straps. Its upper part features a Velcro loop side for insignia, morale patches etc.


On the other hand, laser-cut Hypalon® loops stitched at the bottom provide mounting points for e.g carabiners.


It’s worth mentioning that the main panel was designed to work with yet another product by Husar, namely with HUSAR NOBLE® Gen. II plate carrier. They can be used interchangeably. The front side has two built-in kangaroo style pouches. The  bigger one includes a removable insert that can be purchased in various sizes, making the rig compatible with virtually any system of magazines.


Rubber bands and Hypalon® loops fastened to the insert hold mags securely in place.


Smaller compartment serves as an admin pouch. It may also be used to carry pistol clips. Additionally, it has been equipped with a removable insert that not only can be attached to the pouch with Velcro loop side, but can also be zipped with YKK® zipper, which provides extra protection for the gear inside. After removing the insert, what is left is a fully open pocket.


Stretch utility straps mounted inside the smaller pouch help to fix mags firmly and to organize some small items, such as multitools, pens, etc.


On the inside of the chest rig there are two Velcro® panels, lined with soft 3D-MESH®. They improve air circulation and general comfort of using the rig.


Between the aforementioned panels and the rig itself there is a drain hole discharging water and dust that can get inside.


After removing the panels it is possible to attach SKIRMISH Extension Set® to the body of the rig, which increases its carrying capacity. Additional side panels made of strong straps and Hypalon® are mounted with Velcro®. Some extra security is ensured by a piece of paracord in a MOLLE-like system.

DSC_8970 DSC_8971DSC_8967DSC_8184chest_small_2

The harness is, of course, fully adjustable. Quick-release ITW® buckles make it effortless to take the rig off the chest.

DSC_8978 DSC_8994

Horizontal MOLLE webbing along with Velcro® loops sewn onto the harness allow for the attachment of e.g. a hydration system hose, wires for a portable transmitter and receiver or lightsticks. According to the manufacturer, the harness is compatible with shoulder pads used in NOBLE® Gen. II plate carrier, which may contribute to the comfort of wearing the chest rig.


The design of the chest rig makes it possible to add or remove an extra strap and convert an H-harness into an X-harness, and the other way round.


I personally prefer an H-shaped option, and that is because of the said strap (also offering MOLLE attachments), which can be used to attach a name-tag or a small hydration system.


On the inside of the strap I found a laser engraved Hypalon® label with such a nice dedication from the tailor 😉


I’ve been using Husar’s chest rig since last fall and I’m still fully satisfied with their product. The attention to details is really impressive, starting from the packaging, through the design itself, to the very finishing of the rig.

DSC_2688DSC_8122_small DSC_8117

The construction is well thought-out and – despite its modularity – very sturdy and durable. The materials used are of the highest quality and come from renowned manufacturers. The craftsmanship is particularly noticeable in stitching – all critical places have been strengthened with additional stitches. Furthemore, there are no threads sticking out.

11 DSC_8094

I’ve used SKIRMISH® in both airsoft skirmishes and shooting trainings, mostly with AR-15 mags. However, after appropriate modification of the rig inserts I managed to “stuff” even larger calibers into it (of course not that many). In addition, the harness is flat enough not to be a problem when wearing a backpack.

DSC_2572desert_warfare_husar_g28 g28_2560_darker

Due to the possibility of using various elements, Husar provides us with the product that is truly universal. A big plus is the fact that all products by the Polish manufacturer come with a three-year guarantee.


+ High-quality materials and attention to details,
+ design,
+ lightweight construction,
+ modularity.


  • Fabric: Cordura® 500D, Hypalon®, straps.
  • Available colors/camouflage schemes: Pencott Greenzone, Pencott Badlands, Multicam®, Muticam Tropic, Coyote Brown, Black, Ranger Green. Other camouflage schemes on request.
  • Weight: approx. 445 g (basic version, without SKIRMISH Extension Set®).
  • Price: approx. PLN 450 (basic version, without SKIRMISH Extension Set®).


Husar products may be purchased either directly from the producer at or using the site of its Polish distributor:

Translated by /Miss Shroom/