BLACK MOUNTAIN TACTICAL is a Polish company that appeared on the military and outdoor clothing market scarcely a year ago. Nonetheless, it is taking firmer steps in the business, surprising us with innovative solutions in its products.


A few months ago we had the pleasure to review their first model – the REDWOOD TACTICAL PANTS. Although we gave them a warm welcome, they didn’t avoid critical remarks. It is worth noting that BMT takes their customers seriously – in answer to numerous suggestions it decided to develop the project further and recently issued an upgraded version of the REDWOOD pants.

This time, however, we’re taking a look at one of BMT’s other models, specifically the CEDAR COMBAT PANTS – a more advanced product with a military tone. The one we tested was supplied by and worn during our outings to the Polish Bieszczady Mountains and various other sites – from forests to urban streets.


Currently, CEDAR pants come in two colour schemes: Black and Woodland Panther (wz.93). Both versions are made of RIP-STOP fabric but differ in materials they’re woven from: the Black version is made from a 50/50 blend of cotton and nylon – the Woodland Panther version from a 65/35 blend of cotton and polyester. More models in Multicam*, Coyote and Olive are expected soon. This review was based on a pair with the Woodland Panther (wz.93) colour scheme.


The CEDAR pants are well tailored and really comfortable. They’re quite light, don’t restrain movement and can be used in various environments and conditions. The pants feature many proven solutions that originate from the REDWOOD TACTICAL model such as: a single but dense machine stitching, broad belt loops that allow the use of a wide range of tactical belts, elastic inserts in the hip areas that improve comfort and fit, as well as replacing the traditional front button with a Velcro patch. The individual parts the pants are made from have been manufactured with high precision and attention to detail.


CEDAR COMBAT PANTS feature seven pockets: two front upper pockets, two rear pockets, two CARGO type pockets and an additional, smaller pocket – located on the front-left, just below the waist line. The latter and the two rear pockets are equipped with zippers with cords woven through their openings for easier access when wearing gloves. The fly also features this practical solution.


In contrast to the REDWOOD model, the side CARGO pockets have been woven in at an angle and equipped with an elastic drawstring and a large button. Furthermore, each CARGO pocket has an additional, smaller pocket inside that allows for better organisation of carried items.

dsc_7327 dsc_7330 dsc_7334 dsc_7340

New changes have been applied by the manufacturer to the knee reinforcements – this time we have been given the option to use additional, protective inserts. The openings are located below knee level and secured with Velcro straps.

dsc_7297 dsc_7282

Interestingly, the rear part of the pants has also been reinforced with an additional piece of fabric (similarly to classic M62 field pants).


Worth noting are also openings of pant legs which feature a drawstring and a boot mount system.

dsc_7279 dsc_7277 dsc_7276


Similarly to the REDWOOD model, the CEDAR COMBA PANTS are very practical and versatile. They are quite durable, light, and provide excellent freedom of movement. Thanks to the application of proven solutions, using them is comfortable and intuitive – the RIP-STOP fabric assures they are protected from the impacts of intensive crouching or crawling, such as tearing  and shredding.


The front pockets located in the pants’ upper region are easy to access and spacious. Their edges have been tailored with a reinforcing layer of fabric for additional protection when carrying clip-mounted items such as folding knives or multitools. 


The small, flat pocket beneath the waistline is accessed through a horizontal zipper. Its main purpose is to provide storage space for a smartphone, however I found this solution really unpractical as the placement of such a large object in that particular area caused me a feeling of discomfort, particularly while crouching and even walking. On the other hand it’s useful for carrying softer items such as a small paper notebook, tissues, or cash.


Planning and utilizing the side CARGO pockets has been done in a smart and thought-out way. Despite increasing their capacity and functionality they have retained their ‘low-profile’ attributes. The pockets have been sown in at an angle – a solution that greatly improves reaching the insides, regardless of a crouching or standing stance. The openings are protected from above by a set of two ‘flaps’ – the upper (quite wide) flap seals the pocket, while the lower one features a small opening for a large button. The pockets are wide and equipped with a drawstring that prevents carried objects from falling out. What’s more, the inside features a small, additional pocket – which is in fact very practical in organizing the contents.


The back pockets are a direct copy from the REDWOOD model. That means they share exactly the same advantages as well as drawbacks: they’re very spacious and comfortable to use, but also very deep – taking things out may be challenging while wearing gloves or a thicker coat.


The reinforced, spacious knee pads are capable of being supplemented by most protective insert types – they hold well, don’t restrain movement and fall in line with the CEDAR’s military character. Unfortunately, only small inserts go with the pants. We tried to use UF PRO® knee protectors made of D3O® material, but they turned out to be too big.


The last element worth noting is the finishing of the pant legs that has been fitted with a drawstring lining, however without the option of adjusting its length. The boot mount system has been located on the front side rim and performs well and practically – it holds tightly onto the shoelaces and may be quickly unbuckled. Thanks to this, the pants don’t slide up the leg and remain firmly attached to the boot.


Unfortunately, the almost perfect impression has suffered a snag – in my case, literally, when I noticed the stitching coming undone on the pants’ front side. I would like to underline the fact, that this glitch did not cause any further damage to the product, no tearing or falling apart. Despite this ‘fault’ the CEDAR COMBAT PANTS are one of the best products currently available – they may compete with various other brands from the same price range.

dsc_7275dsc_5376dsc_7244 dsc_7029


  • comfort and versatility,
  • price in relation to quality,
  • elastic and breathable fabric,
  • well thought-out CARGO pockets,
  • Velcro fastening,
  • possibility to use protective knee pad inserts,
  • zippers equipped with cord loops,
  • boot-mount system.


  • inconvenient small pocket at the front,
  • stitching (in places).
  • Material: 65% cotton / 35% polyester (wz.93).
  • Available colours/camouflage schemes: wz. 93, black. Soon: multicam*, coyote, and olive.
  • Weight: approx. 650 g (size M-L).
  • Price: approx. PLN 259.

* Multicam version appeared on the market right after this review was published.


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