A first-aid kit is one of the most important elements of our personal equipment. It is always worth having at hand, especially when operating high-risk tools, such as knives, axes or firearm. Responding to market needs, OAK GEAR proposed their version of a popular rip-off medic pouch.

OAK GEAR is quite a young brand on the outdoor and military equipment market. First and foremost, they focus on functionality, best materials and highest quality. Furthermore, all their products are designed and manufactured in Poland, and we have always enjoyed testing domestic brands.

The pouch I have tested was made from Cordura® 500D in PenCott® GreenZone. Its measurements are around 20cm x 15cm x 7 cm. 

The design of the pouch is quite simple and it constists of two elements:  a pocket with an internal organizer and a panel with molle straps.

The front of the pouch features a Velcro® (5cm x 10cm) for patches (not included) and a sewn-in logo of the manufacturer.

Underneath the Velcro® there is a through pocket (for e.g. latex gloves or other rather flat objects), which can be accessed from two sides with the use of high quality zippers by a reputable brand YKK®. Textile handles attached to the sliders make it easier to open the pocket. Unfortunately, all small elements are in black color, which stands in contrast to the used camouflage. On the other hand, using such a color makes it easier to find handles, buckles or pullers in an emergency situation.

A heavy duty strap handle facilitates pulling off the medic pouch of the panel.

At the bottom of the pouch there is a shockcord to attach objects, such as tactical tourniquet or gloves, which we want to have quick and easy access to. There is also a drain hole.

The main compartment is closed with a two-way zipper (YKK®).

It is a clam shell pouch, which basically means that the front panel can be opened along its entire length, guaranteeing full and easy access to its contents.

The organizer inside has been well thought out. Next to the system of elastic straps there are three flat pockets (including two mesh ones).

There is also a Velcro® strap for medical shears, which makes it possible to pull them out easily and quickly in an emergency situation. Additonally, the pouch features an extra strap loop for e.g. a leash or a carabiner.

The panel to which we fasten the pouch has been equipped with a MOLLE/PALS system, which takes two slots and allows for attaching the pouch to a backpack, a vest or an ordinary belt.

The other side of the panel features a strong Velcro® to fasten the pouch.

It is additionally secured with a strap with a reliable, quick-release ITW Nexus buckle.

I’ve been using the rip-off medic pouch from OAK GEAR from three months now. I take it almost every time when I go out, attaching it to my backpack or wearing it on my belt (including a warrior belt). Both the quality of materials and craftmanship are on the highest level and I haven’t noticed any signs of wear and tear yet.

Not only is the pouch capacious but it’s also well thought-out. After ripping it off of the panel, placing on the flat surface, and unzipping along its entire length, we get full access to its contents. Of course we can use the first-aid kit without taking it off of the panel.

The pouch is ripped off with one easy pull.

Unfortunately, when the kit is not secured with a strap, the molle panel turns into a sort of “cushion”, which makes the pouch sway a little and it’s more difficult to rip it off. A good idea would be to either stitch the panel walls together or apply a stiff insert. The first modification is easy to make at home – a needle and thread are enough 😉 However, the manufacturer ensures that “they are open to any suggestions and opinions coming from their clients”, hence we hope that they will take our advice into consideration 🙂

Nevertheless, the pouch is very stable after securing it with the said strap. It neither swings nor bounces even during a sprint.

OAK GEAR rip-off medic pouch is a reliable product at a reasonable price. Minor defects don’t detract from its value. It can easily serve not only as a medical pouch but also as a cargo pocket or an EDC organizer. I’m very curious what this young Polish brand will present in the future.

+ top quality materials,
+ well though-out organizer,
+ reliable,
+ quality of seams.

cushion-like molle panel,
some elements not matching the camouflage.


Products by OAK GEAR can be ordered either through their site oakgear.pl or via the internet shop www.specarms.pl

Translated by /Coral/