Last time we was adding some post-apocalyptic look to the budget Benelli M1014 shotgun replica (GFG27) from

• paintjob + aging by using wiping cloth with some solvent,
• homemade removable shells holder on velcro strap,
• adding compact red dot sight – MRDS replica,
• stippling on the front grip – provides better adhesion and faster reloads
• porting at the end of outer barrel – in real firearm it results in a reduction of recoil and a reduction in muzzle climb.

You can find this shotgun replica here:

Final effect on the pictures below. Enjoy and show us Your own customs on our facebook page 🙂

shotgun_1 shotgun_2shotgun_grip_stipling shotgun_kolimator shotgun_shells_removed shotgun_shells_2shotgun_enviroment GFG27_fallout_shotgun