If you’re into EDC then you probably know just how quickly your gear grows and why it’s really important to store it and group it in an organized way. This is where the CUBBY Admin Pouch developed by the Polish company HUSAR comes to the rescue.

A ‘classic’ admin pouch usually resembles a flat pocket worn on the front of all kinds of tactical vests. HUSAR expanded this concept by adding the possibility of carrying it on one’s hip as a waist pack.



The model we got to test is made nearly entirely from Cordura® 500D (in PenCott Greenzone) and features parts made from Hypalon – an excellent new material similar in properties to neoprene, but significantly stronger. The pocket is manufactured with exceptional craftsmanship – no loose strings, no tearing or ripping.


The main pocket is accessed through a YKK® zipper that has been sewn ‘inside-out’ – this solution partially gives the opening ‘splash-proof’ properties. Paracord loops have been fed through both of the zipper’s pulls allowing easier opening and closing and additionally prevent them from ringing.


The pocket’s main interior space is split into two smaller sections by a broad, bright nylon strip – which greatly helps in spotting the stored accessories in dim light conditions. The first section features three vertical elastic tapes fastened to the pocket’s inner side, each divided into three segments. The bright nylon strip is fitted with one vertical tape, divided into two segments. These segments hold the stored contents in place – however, although the first three tapes work really well we regret the vertical strap is split into only two loops. Because they’re quite wide it’s difficult to fasten smaller objects to the pocket. Luckily, this can be easily fixed with a sewing kit or a sewing machine.

The main pocket’s bottom is layered with a patch of loop Velcro with a small drain hole, to enable easier water or dirt removal. This patch may be used organize additional compartments, map holders etc.

The pocket’s second compartment doesn’t have any straps or tapes whatsoever – that’s why it’s perfect for sliding in flat objects like documents or a small notepad. A Hypalon tag is sewn into the compartment’s side, bearing the producer’s logo, date of manufacture and the nick of the person that crafted it.


The admin pocket’s outside looks equally interesting. A loop velcro patch with a matching camo scheme is located at the pocket’s front. It’s dimensions are 5 by 15 centimetres and it enables fastening all kinds of name patches, morale patches or other insignia onto the pocket. Underneath this patch there is yet another small pocket that’s opened and closed with two velco strips. This space may hold a medium sized mobile phone or other small gadgets. The admin pouch’s top boasts a Hypalon carry handle with the HUSAR’s logo laser-cut into the fabric and also a marker painted with fluorescent paint (a pity it glows quite shortly).

Two loops made from elastic tape are located on both sides of the pouch’s front panel. They’re great for fastening pens, lightsticks or other long accessories.


The pouch’s underside is fitted with a shockcord (elastic rope), that may be tightened with a Duraflex stopper. It’s a fast and easy way for attaching objects such as gloves or scarfs to the pouch.


A MOLLE/PALS compatible rigging is fitted on the pouch’s inner side. It’s made of Hypalon as well as two columns of intertwined nylon straps.

The belt is made from a 25 centimetre-wide strip of ballistic nylon. It’s attached to the pouch with Duraflex “Silk Clips” – thanks to this, there are no necessary buckles flying around. ITW Nexus buckles that allow the pouch to be quickly detached have also been fitted.



I’ve been using the admin pouch quite extensively over the past two months and it still hasn’t shown any signs of wear-and-tear. I presume it’s mainly due to the high-quality fabrics used and careful stitching. I’ve attached the panel to a chest rig, a backpack, patchbook and I’ve worn it strapped to my waist. The Hypalon fabric works surprisingly well as part of the MOLLE system – thanks to the elastic texture, it’s quite easy to weave the straps through the openings and the material itself doesn’t deteriorate even after trying out multiple configurations.

nera_chest_2The admin pouch mounted on a chest rig

Thanks to its low-profile design and modest size the pouch is a great addition for everyday (casual) use as well.


The CUBBY pouch mounted on a 13″ Patchbook (also from Husar).


The only thing I can really put my finger on is the lack of a drawbridge solution when opening the pouch. When its taken off and laid down on the ground, it’s quite easy to access all the contents, however, the situation changes when we’ve got the pouch fastened to our body. After opening it the front pocket simply drops down and hangs freely. In my opinion it should have some kind of limiters to block it at a 90-degree angle. I must point out however, that the model we got to test was a prototype version. The manufacturer has recently upgraded the pouch and now it’s available with an elastic tape that limits the main pocket from fully opening.

biodro_backThe admin pouch fastened to a waist belt.



Highest-quality materials, and craftsmanship,
multiple mounting solutions.


  • Materiał: Cordura® 500D, Hypalon®
  • Avaliable colours/camouflage schemes: PenCott Badlands, PenCott Greenzone, Kryptek Mandrake, Coyote, Black, Multicam, Multicam Tropic, ranger green, A-tacs FG
  • Dimensions (height x lenght x width): 10 cm x 20 cm x 4 cm
  • Weight: approx. 105 g (without belt), 165 g (with belt attached)
  • Price: approx. 150 PLN

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Husar products may be ordered directly from the producer at: markus.heczko@gmail.com
Orders can also be made by dialling: +48 690 085 050+48 789 084 782 or via private message on Facebook: facebook.com/husarsystem

Translated by /Siemion/