CEDAR Combat Shirt – introduced recently by Black Mountain Tactical – is a supplement to the existing CEDAR uniform oufit.

The lightweight and breathable Combat Shirt from BMT is a product entirely designed and manufactured in Poland. Similarly to CEDAR Combat Pants (reviewed by our team a few months ago), it utilizes many innovative and field-tested solutions.

The shirt we reviewed comes in the following colour schemes: Olive, WZ.93 Woodland Panther, Black, Multicam and PenCott GreenZone. CEDAR Combat Shirt is made from two types of fabric: the lower, elastic half of the shirt from thermoactive polyester enriched with silver ions, while the upper half – covering the shoulders and arm sleeves – from strengthened RIP-STOP (NyCo).

It is worth pointing out that the RIP-STOP fabric’s composition is dependant on the shirt’s colour scheme. The PenCott GreenZone variant we got to test had a 50:50 NyCo compostion. It’s also not too difficult to see that the applied camouflage pattern has a slightly different tone than that featured on other products we’ve encountered previously.  The PenCott GreenZone pattern applied by BMT seems to be richer in colours and a bit more contrasting.

The shirt’s front is fastened with a YKK zipper, that’s been fitted with a short, paracord puller – which greatly helps using it if you’ve got your gloves on. Additionally, the wearer’s skin is shielded from the zipper by a protective fold made of soft fabric.

The shirt’s inner collar has been finished off with soft micropolar that protects the neck’s skin from potential bruising caused by the zipper or rifle sling.

The back of the collar features a small Velcro strip, bearing a patch with the producer’s logo.

At arm level, each of the shirt’s sleeves has been fitted with a utility pocket. These are accessed through a zipper with an attached paracord puller.

Large (10 x 10 cm) Velcro patches are located on the pockets, along with two elastic loops for mounting a glowstick.

The sleeves also feature reinforced elbow inserts, that can additionally be equipped with protective comfort pads. The openings are sealed with a Velcro patch located 10 cm from the shirts’s cuff.

The cuff’s circumference may be adjusted quickly and easily with a velcro strap.

The CEDAR Combat Shirt has been primarily designed for tactical and ballistic vest use. We tested it also with several chest rigs, and the shirt worked well with both solutions – especially during warmer days.

The applied materials guarantee adequate properties. The arms and shoulders provide suitable protection from exterior factors, while the elastic fabric quickly removes moisture and heat from the the back, front and armpits. It also dries faster. Enriching the polyester with silver ions gives the shirt additional, antibacterial properties.

The shirt’s style and light weight are significant benefits, as they do not inhibit movement.

Access to the pockets is easy and intuitive – although the pockets aren’t very capacious, they are more than enough to store a pocketbook, bandage or smartphone.

The shirt suffers a few drawbacks. In our reviews we pay a lot of attention to precision and detail – here unfortunately, we noticed messy stitching in a couple of places. This did not affect the stitching’s durability – after a few months of being used in sunlight and rain, the CEDAR Combat Shirt sill looks and works fine.

Summing up, the CEDAR Combat Shirt is a well thought out and crafted piece of clothing. Along with the CEDAR Combat Pants it is an excellent uniform alternative to many other products in the military outfitting catalogue.


good thermoactive properties,
+ fabric enriched with silver ions,
+ strengthened elbow inserts,
+ interior collar finished with soft material.


 messy stitching in a couple of places.

  • Fabrics: NyCo, polyester enriched with silver ions.
  • Avaliable colour/camouflage schemes: black, olive, Wz.93 Woodland Panther, MultiCam, PenCott GreenZone.
  • Weight: approx. 475 g (size M).
  • Price (approx.):
    ‣ € 75,00 – PenCott GreenZone and MultiCam camouflage schemes,
    ‣ € 50,00 – olive, black and Wz.93 Woodland Panther schemes.


Black Mountain garnments are available at Gunfire.pl.