Looking for a well-thought-out, fully autonomous platform to carry all the necessary equipment, offering an easy access and going well with the backpack you are wearing? For a very long time, there was only one American manufacturer that included these features in one product. Fortunately, DBR also decided to meet expectations of trekkers and, adopting a fresh approach, created Chest Rig FRONTIER.

DBR Custom Gear is a small Polish company who focuses on quality and customization of products. We wrote more about them while reviewing their Spartan waist pack and CCS.

Frontier with IFAK-SD attached to it.

FRONTIER is a minimal and yet very practical, well-designed construction. Its main part has been made of Cordura® 500D in two color patterns: PenCott® GreenZone on the outside and contrasting orange on the inside. Color sets can be changed though, and customized to the individual needs and guidelines (even unusual ones) of a customer.

Chest rig has three main elements: a pouch, shoulder straps (an H-harness) and a stabilizing strap. 

The H-harness has been made of durable polyamide tapes. Its ergonomic design guarantees perfect fit, while flat tapes ensure full compatibilty with the backpack. The back of the harness features a Velcro (for e.g. a nametag) and two adjustments. The stabilizing strap has also been equipped with a tension lock.

The front of the harness features PALS straps (2 rows and 1 column on each side) for mounting (both vertically and horizontally) additional gear, such as extra pouches or a radio.

The H-harness is attached to the main part of FRONTIER by means of solid, quick-release ITW NEXUS buckles.

The main part of the chest rig (26 x 17 x 6cm) is quite flat. There are two vertical Velcro straps on its front, for patches or insignia, and a pocket with inner lining in contrasting color, for maps, documents and other flat objects.

Back panel closely fitting the body has been constructed from Cordura in solid color (here: Coyote) and, more importantly, equipped with padded foam to increase the comfort of use. Additionally, it features a PALS strap (8 slots) for attaching an extra pouch or a first-aid kit (e.g. IFAK-SD). There is also a tag with the producer’s logo, web address and information about the country where the product was made (Poland).

The main pouch is closed with a durable, two-way YKK zipper. Corner Closure Design provides easy access to the chest rig from either left or right side (before purchasing the product, we should decide which option we prefer). Such a solution allowed for equipping FRONTIER with additional PALS webbing on both side- and bottom panels and hence for attaching some extra gear.

Silent paracord pullers can be interwoven with each other to secure the zipper from unzipping accidentally.

The inside of FRONTIER features four pockets in contrasting color (here: orange). There are three expandable pockets on the front panel and one narrow on the side. Two durable D-rings can be used for attaching e.g. keys, carabiners or lanyards, whereas elastic bands can hold long items, including pens, lightsticks, etc. The said bands can be replaced with e.g. shockcord (customized while ordering).

The wall closest to the body has been equipped with soft Velcro (loop side) which allows for full customization by e.g. attaching to it extra pouches, loops or holsters with the hook side.

Although DBR is already well known for the quality, I need to emphasize their incredible attention to details once again. Seams are immaculate, all edges finished with trimming, and there are bartacking stitches in the most vulnareable places. I have not found a single thread sticking out from my chest rig. Using DBR, you know you are not dealing with mass-produced goods but with the work of a true craftsman.

I’ve been using FRONTIER for over a year now. 
I’ve had it with me in various situations, while walking in the mountains, kayaking, camping or even while riding a bike. Its clear advantage is the possibility of not only carrying most essential equipment with you but also of having a quick and easy access to it, even with the backpack on your shoulders.

FRONTIER can hold a pretty decent amount of items. Internal system of pockets keeps these items in order.

Frontier can hold a lot 🙂 

As mentioned before, this chest rig is fully compatible with backpacks. Its flat straps guarantee great comfort of wearing.

Corner Closure Design provides easy access to the inside of the pouch. PALS webbing on both side walls allows for attaching e.g. a knife or a sealed container for spare batteries.

Front flat pocket is perfect for holding either a map or documents.

Furthermore, the chest rig is flat enough to comfortably fit under the e.g. rainproof outerwear (see the photo above).

I’ve often been wearing FRONTIER along with IFAK-SD (also by DBR Custom Gear), which turned out to be a perfect combination, especially when, e.g. tired, I threw the backpack off and started to set up camp. I was always left with the most essential things close to me and didn’t have to worry in case of an accident.

To sum up, FRONTIER is a very well-thought-out, very well-made piece of gear, which can become a perfect complemet to your backpack, during hiking in the mountains, the woods, and in other, least-expected situations. Yet again DBR hasn’t disappointed and created a practically flawless product. FRONTIER has officially become my second (first one you can see in the picture below) loyal companion of many adventures.

low profile,
+ possibility to customize the interior,
+ goes well with a backpack,
+ Corner Closure Design,
+ high quality.


  • Fabric: Cordura® 500D, polyamide tapes.
  • Available colors: wide range (full list here).
  • Dimensions: 26 x 17 x 6 cm.
  • Weight: approx. 400 g.
  • Price: from PLN370 (PLN380 for PenCott® GreenZone).

Products by DBR Custom Gear can be ordered directly at the producer’s site dbrcustomgear.com

Translated by /Coral/