Over the years we’ve handled more than a „pair” of gloves – some were better, some worse. Recently we had the opportunity to test the Ironclad EXO Tactical GRIP gloves, which – as the name suggests – should guarantee a firm grip. So how did they do? You can read about the details below, but we can already reveal that they performed pretty well.

Ironclad is an American company that over the last 20 years has specialized itself in the production of many types of gloves dedicated to specific tasks. The brand is well established in the US and has recently made an attempt to build its position on the European market, including Poland. Their very broad offer ranges from products for construction workers, hunters, sportsmen to law enforcement and military. We, however, are going to focus on a specific model from the broad EXO® line, namely the Tactical GRIP. The gloves we tested were supplied by the Polish distributor – the Specbrands.pl store.

The GRIP gloves are available in three colours: black, coyote and OD green. We chose the latter one. We received the gloves attached to a piece of cardboard with all relevant information about the model printed on it.

The gloves came with a promotional “NEBO” LED flashlight (50 lumens). It’s a nice gift from the producer, but not worth writing too much about it. It’s a typical gadget that is only available with certain glove batches.

The product comes in many different sizes. The method for determining the right size is fairly easy, thanks to a special diagram provided on the producer’s website (you can find it here).

The Ironclads have been manufactured from synthetic fabrics i.e.: a composition of polyester, spandex, neoprene and synthetic leather.

The first impression of handling the GRIPs is very positive. Everything has been produced with care and attention – the stitches are strong and precise, no loose ends nor fibres sticking out.

The gloves’ exterior shell has been made from neoprene and spandex. There is also a space for a rubbery “IRONCLAD EXO” logo.

The cuffs have been equipped with rubber handles with Velcro straps to adjust the circumference in the wrist area.

The inner, palm-side of the gloves has been made using the patented DIAMONDCLAD® technology. The synthetic leather has been fused with a silicone-based pattern which resembles interweaving “X” letters. This layer also folds over the index finger and thumb. The applied silicone improves adhesion and, therefore, the grip.

A very practical solution – a soft layer of terry – has been applied to the thumb area. Such placement makes it possible to easily wipe sweat from the forehead, even while at work.

A TPR (Thermo-Plastic Rubber) puller has been sewn into the cuffs, which makes it easier to pull the gloves on. The puller also features a small hole to weave a paracord loop through. This minor “modification” enables attaching the gloves to the gear.

Above all else, the IRONCLADs are extremely comfortable to wear. Thanks to a wide variety of sizes and a clear manual on how to get the most accurate measurement, it is very easy to tailor them to your needs. The fit is great, providing an excellent “feel” and trouble–free use of arms and small items.

The silicone pattern on the palm-side guarantees a firm grip, even when holding wet or slippery objects. The gloves provide good breathability and dry quickly. What’s interesting, even though the producer mentions that this specific model is not compatible with touch-screen devices, when the gloves are wet, they allow you to use your smartphone.

We also tested the gloves in less “tactical” situations – during various camping excursions and handyman’s work. In all these circumstances, the gloves did their job perfectly. Despite being extensively used over a period of a few months, there is very little wear and tear to be noticed (apart from light pilling on the terry patch).

IRONCLAD EXO Tactical GRIP is a product worth recommending. They are a great alternative to other, more popular brands within a similar price range, and even the more expensive ones 😉

+ comfort and fitting,
+ durability,
+ breathability,
+ low-weight,
+ excellent price / quality ratio.

– none.

  • Material:
    palm: 40% silicone, 36% nylon, 24% polyurethane
    outer shell: 63% polyester, 25% neoprene, 8% nylon, 4% spandex.
  • Available colours: black, coyote, OD green.
  • Available sizes: : S, M, L, XL, XXL.
  • Weight: approx. 80 g.
  • Price: 129,90 PLN.

Ironclad can be bought at the Specbrands.pl store website.

Especially for Gear Addicts’ fans, the Specbrands.pl has prepared a 10% discount for all Ironclad gloves! You can use it by typing the GA10 code while finalizing the transaction on the store website.

/Siemion & Roger/
Translated by /Siemion/