As the name implies, Multi Purpose Pack, is a universal backpack. However, we have been looking for something more specific that would be mainly used to carry hydration system while wearing a tactical vest. The pack from Neptune Spear not only met our expectations, but also exceeded them, providing a few more options.

Neptune Spear is yet another Polish brand on the tactical equipment market. Since we are always willing to test gear from domestic manufacturers, we have been following the development of this young company with certain curiosity. When their offer became much wider, we decided that it was time to take a closer look at some of their products. The first to be tested is the already mentioned Multipurpose Pack Type 1.

Multipurpose Pack mounted on the GPC plate carrier. Right next to it there is a Customizable Rifle Sling, also from Neptune Spear.

Multipurpose Packs are available in four different sizes and a variety of colors and camouflages. We have chosen the most capacious version (2631) in PenCott® GreenZone camo with an additional compression strap. Our pack has a capacity of about 10 liters and its dimensions are: 35,8cm x 24,8cm x 11,4cm. Mostly it was made of Cordura® 500D.

The front panel has been equipped with two outer pockets. The upper one, hidden under a Velcro flap, is closed with a two-way YKK zipper with paracord loops.

Below the upper pocket there are two rows of Velcro straps for patches, insignias, etc. Access to the lower pocket is protected by a strong Velcro. This solution allows for the placement of optional inserts or inner compartments for e.g. spare mags. Additionally, the said pocket features three rows of Murdock Webbing in MOLLE system (each row with six loops).

We will also find MOLLE system on the sides (three rows with three loops on each strap) and at the bottom of the backpack (two rows with three loops on each strap). This is also where the drainage hole has been placed.

The back panel features a MOLLE mounting platform. 

Strap loops in the upper part of the back panel along with straps with plastic Triglide™ buckles in the lower part allow for the attachment of optional shoulder straps, which enable wearing the backpack without a vest.

Loops on both sides of the back panel allow for the attachement of additional compression straps featuring solid ITW Nexus buckles.

In the upper part of the back panel we will also find two openings for a hydration system.

Access to the main compartment of the backpack is secured by a two-way YKK zipper with paracord pullers. Additionally, the zipper, which goes half the length of the pack, has been hidden under a flap of fabric.

Inside, the front panel features Velcros for attaching all kinds of optional organizers. There are also paracord loops for carabiners and an esthetic trim with the producer’s logo.

The main compartment contains a sizable insulated 3mm-thick neoprene pocket for hydration bladder, which is kept in place by elastic webbing. The pack has been designed mainly for low-profile hydration systems such as 3L Source WLPS. Since, however, we did not have one at our disposal, we used other systems by Source, namely a one-liter  Kangaroo and a three-liter WPX hydration reservoir. We had no problems with the first one, but the latter turned out to be slightly too long, hence we filled it up only to a certain point and then bent the top to make it fit in.

Behind the insulated pocket there is enough room for an optional back stiffener panel.

The hydration system is suspended by means of a strap with a plastic Triglide™ adjuster.

The very first thing that came to our mind when we got hold of the backpack from Neptun Spear was its quality. As you can see in the photos, all seams have been made perfectly, while the used materials and accessories are of the highest quality. Of course, the product was entirely made in Poland. We’ve used the Multipurpose Pack Type 1 for over six months and we haven’t noticed any signs of wear and tear. 

The pack is very capacious. Next to a two-liter Source hydration bladder, we managed to stuff it with an additional one-and-a-half-liter bottle of water, something to eat, extra outerwear and a few more small items. Obviously, if you don’t need such capacity or you simply want to keep the low profile of the back, you can always order a smaller version. Furthermore, Neptune Spear is open to all kinds of modifications and individual orders, so if you want to make some changes in the original design, there shouldn’t be any problems 🙂

The Multipurpose Pack Type 1 is quite long – it takes one row of MOLLE straps more than a standard panel of a PC vest. At first I was a bit worried that the protruding lower part of the pack may not work well with buttpacks or other gear placed on the hip belt, but field tests proved me wrong.

The neopren pocket has passed liquid insulation tests with flying colors. Additional outer pockets, paracord loops and inner Velcros provide great help in arranging small items.

The backpack is pretty heavy – almost as heavy as the plate carrier that I’m currently using. However, it’s the neoprene pocket that’s mainly responsible for the said weight. If we want the pack to be lighter, the producer can make the pocket from mesh or other fabric (on order), but we need to remember that such adjustment will be made at the expense of insulation properties of the product.

Multipurpose Pack mounted as an extention to a small-size backpack.

To sum up, TYPE 1 is a reliable and well thought-out backpack made by a Polish company. Not only will it prove itself useful as an addition to a plate carrier, but also as a large pocket for extending other platforms.

+ capacity,
+ quality and endurance,
+ insulated hydration system pocket,
+ outer pockets.


  • Fabric: Cordura® 500D, neoprene.
  • Available colors/camouflage schemes: Multicam®, Multicam® Tropic, Multicam® Arid, Multicam® Black, Multicam® Alpine, PenCott® GreenZone, PenCott® BadLands, PenCott® SandStorm, PenCott® SnowDrift, ATACS® FG, ATACS ®AU, ATACS® LE, Kryptek® Mandrake, Kryptek® Highlander, Kryptek® Yeti, Kryptek® Typhon, Woodland, Digital Woodland, AOR2, Ranger Green, Olive Drab, RAL7013, Coyote Brown, Black.
  • Capacity: around 10 L.
  • Measurements: 35,8 cm x 24,8 cm x 11,4 cm (model 2631).
  • Weight: approx. 650 g (with a compression strap).
  • Price: starting from PLN 305  (for the smallest version – 2421). PLN 385 for the reviewed version – model 2631.

Products by Neptune Spear may be ordered directly from the producer’s site.

Translated by /Coral/