The American Company Strike Industries is well known for its wide range of firearm accessories. Its core principle “designed by the active shooter for the active shooters in mind” means that Strike Industries manufactures merchandise that is ergonomic, innovative and possesses an attractive form alongside excellent quality. Thanks to the Polish distributor we had the possibility to test and to get a closer look at three of their products.

DSC_1995The accessories are delivered in aesthetic packaging with the specification and technical drawings printed on the cover (the rail came in a tough, transparent zip-bag, all the other parts were inside matte cardboard boxes).



The Cobra Fore Grip resembles in shape the ever-so-popular Magpul AFG (Angled Fore Grip) – however it goes a few steps further and allows broader utilization. Mounting it onto the firearm is fast and simple – by sliding it directly onto a RIS rail and fastening its position with an Allen screw that runs through the sides of the grip. The Cobra is constructed from two halves made from a durable, matte polymer material that is resistant to a wide range of chemicals. The halves have been fused and screwed together and bear on either side the embossed markings of their producer.




The grip’s underside possesses transverse grooves that improve one’s hold. However this is where a small amount of material protrudes from between the halves – it’s quite easy to cut off using a sharp knife or razor, although if you wear gloves you can’t really feel it.

DSC_1727The front of the grip is covered with grooves as well, and it widens upward – in order to serve as additional support for one’s fingers and also as thermal isolation in the case of using live ammunition. The backside of the grip may be used as a hand-stop.

The grip offers several holding and stabilising positions – depending on the user’s preferences.

The grip’s front boasts a stump, specially corrugated to prevent one’s hand from sliding off. It may also serve as a support point for the forefinger – this gives additional force for holding the firearm against one’s shoulder or cover (i.e. tree or wall) and increases the gun’s stability.


The Cobra itself is extremely light and ergonomic – although people that haven’t used similar solutions before will need some time to get used to it in order to find the appropriate hold (I’m personally in favour of holding the grip by its corrugated stump at the front /Roger/). After a short time of handling the grip feels very comfortable and greatly improves the firearm’s mobility and stability. Thanks to its specific two-part construction, the grip fits and sits perfectly on any type of RIS rail – no wobbliness, shaking or rattling whatsoever.

DSC_1908Strike Industries’ Cobra grip is just a HELLISHLY good product 😉


+ low profile,
+ solid and stable construction,
+ many optional ways of holding and stabilising the firearm,
+ extremely lightweight,

 uneven mold protruding from the grip’s underside.

  • Material: polymer
  • Available colours: Flat Dark Earth and Black
  • Weight: ok. 38 g
  • Length: ok. 105 mm
  • Price: approx. 139 PLN


DSC_6071If you want to install undedicated accessories to your Key-Mod system front, you’ll probably need an additional RIS rail.

This is a MIL-STD-1913 standard Picantinny-type rail, dedicated for Key-Mod system mounts. The rail we got to test offers 8 slots (longer version) and has a length of approximately 104 millimetres – however, a shorter 6-slot version is also available. The accessory itself is made of aerial aluminium, with the three screws and Key-Mod system catches made of iron. All the rail’s corners have been factory rounded – thanks to this, it’s much easier to slide additional accessories or equipment onto it. Also, the risk of catching clothing or cutting one’s hand on the rail’s sharp edges has been greatly decreased.

DSC_6076The rail is mounted onto the Key-Mod system using three pins, that are fastened with Allen screws. The whole installation procedure lasts just a few seconds at best.


At the rail’s rear there is a 10 millimetre opening for installing a tactical QD (Quick Detach) swivel. The installed swivel fits firmly and possesses the ability to rotate at a 360 degree angle. The rail also boasts the producer’s laser-engraved markings, which give the whole contraption a really cool tactical look 😉



After using the rail for quite a long time we didn’t observe any problems whatsoever (apart from a few scratches). From the moment it was fastened, the rail sits firmly on the Key-Mod front and the swivel opening shows no sign of wear.

+ QD swivel opening,
+ easy installation,
design and quality of craftsmanship.


  • Material: aerial aluminium
  • Weight: approx. 41 g (including the installation screws)
  • Length: 8 slot version (approx. 104 mm)
  • Price: approx. 129 PLN



The Cobra Fang Trigger Guard designed for the M4/AR15 platform boasts an aggressive shape, but looks are not what’s it all about.

This seemingly insignificant product has three primary functions:
• the “fang” assist enables faster and smoother eye-free magazine insertion (Magwell),
• the trigger offers more space than the standard guard (a great solution if one’s fingers feel cramped while wearing gloves),
• the stump allows the forefinger to rest easily on the guard when it’s not on the trigger.

Despite the fact that the first two functions work out really well, the last one looks to us like sales talk. The forefinger rests equally well on the mag well or on the lower receiver.

DSC_1678The Cobra Fang guard is made of lightweight but extremely durable polymer (nylon). Embossed Strike Industries markings are located on the inner and outer sides. Installation is child’s play – it’s fastened with a drive pin and one small Allen screw (both parts are included in the kit).




Unfortunately, the guard is not fully compatible with all magazine types (we encountered problems with Thermold and Magpul PMAG M3 mags) – however, Strike Industries is currently introducing a new, improved version that works better with more clip types.


+ lightweight,
+ allows faster magazine insertion,
+ offers more space for fingers in gloves,
aggressive design.

 not fully compatible with some magazine types.

  • Material: enforced polymer
  • Available colours: Black and Flat Dark Earth
  • Weight: approx. 8 g
  • Price: approx. 59 PLN

DSC_1816All three accessories mounted on one AR-15 platform.

GA_tapeta_1_facebook is the official distributor of Strike Industries in Poland. We would like to thank them for allowing us to test these great products!


Translated by /Siemion/